Professional Learning/Guiding Your Professional Journey

  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Applying to Teacher Education Programs
  • Setting School Improvement Goals
  • Learning or Improving Curriculum-Based Assessment Approaches
  • Unit and Lesson Planning for Organized and Meaningful Teaching and Learning

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

  • New Teachers – Getting a Job
  • Experienced Teachers – Your Career Path
  • Classroom Management
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Mentoring Administrators
  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Writing
  • Assessment for, as and of learning

Short Courses and Keynotes


Supporting your teachers with reading and writing instruction at any Grade level is foundational to what we do.
From assessment to a wide range of instructional strategies, great literacy teachers make a difference to students and their learning.


Before you can truly teach to the strengths and needs of your students, you need a toolkit of strategic assessment strategies which include assessment as, for and of learning.


Special Education teams and class room teachers work together to create inclusive environments and meet student needs. Our team can support you to develop your Special Education program, develop and implement IEPs and understand the elements of best practices in Special Education.


Build your schools’ toolkit of instructional strategies to maximize engagement and support all learners in inclusive classroom environments. Hundreds of strategies can make a difference in your school and your classrooms!

Keynotes Based on My Books

Check out my publications and book a keynote or hands-on workshop for your school based on any of my books. 40% discount on books for any school that books a keynote or small group gathering.